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High School Student Survey
112,003 students
63 questions

Questions (1-10) (11-23) (24-43) (44-53) (54-63)
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44. Musicians should be allowed to sing songs with lyrics that others might find offensive.   49. What about most people in the United States—do you think the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment are something people specifically think about or are they something they take for granted?
40% Strongly agree   10% Personally think about
30 Mildly agree   56 Take for granted
14 Mildly disagree   34 Don’t know
7 Strongly disagree          
9 Don’t know   Below is a series of statements about how people might try to exercise their rights under the First Amendment. In each case please indicate whether you think under current law Americans have the legal right or not to do these things:
45. Newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of a story.  
  50. Under current law, do Americans have the legal right toburn the American flag as a means of political protest?
24% Strongly agree   25% Yes    
27 Mildly agree   75 No    
22 Mildly disagree          
14 Strongly disagree          
13 Don’t know          
46. High school students should be allowed to report controversial issues in their student newspapers without the approval of school authorities.   51. Under current law, do the courts have the right to send reporters to jail for refusing to reveal a news source? (Correct answer depends on state.)
30% Strongly agree   31% Yes    
28 Mildly agree   69 No    
18 Mildly disagree          
11 Strongly disagree          
13 Don’t know          
47. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

“Americans don’t appreciate First Amendment freedoms the way they ought to.”
  52. Under current law, does the government have the right to restrict indecent material on the Internet?
17% Strongly agree   49% Yes    
33 Mildly agree   51 No    
18 Mildly disagree          
9 Strongly disagree   53. Under current law, does someone have the legal right to shout “fire” in a crowded arena as a prank?
23 Don’t know  
        23% Yes    
        77 No    
48. Are the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment something you personally think about or are they something you take for granted?          
27% Personally think about          
36 Take for granted          
37 Don’t know          

Questions (1-10) (11-23) (24-43) (44-53) (54-63)

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