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SPLC lawyers have taught hundreds of workshops at campuses and conventions from coast to coast. We know the questions students most want answered, and the danger signs students most need to know. Our handouts, PowerPoints, quizzes and guides can help bring challenging legal lessons to life.

Presentations and Handouts: These classroom shortcuts, prepared by the SPLC's legal staff, include PowerPoint presentations -- with teachers' discussion questions -- covering the hottest media-law topics, from First Amendment law to copyright. Each topic comes with a Q-and-A handout covering the SPLC legal hotline's "greatest hits."

Test Your Knowledge - Student Press Law: An online test, plus short quizzes, will challenge anyone's understanding of libel, privacy, FOIA and other recurring media-law issues. A "must-pass" for anyone getting ready to become an editor at a college or high-school publication.

Test Your Knowledge - First Amendment: Think you understand the "Five Freedoms" like a Founding Father? Find out with this interactive, 30-question quiz testing your knowledge of essential freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Information for Educators: Being a media adviser to a student publication is tough. Doing it well is even tougher. The SPLC's survival guides will help you manage controversy ethically and responsibly, and help you make the case for the value of an independent journalistic voice on campus.

Homework Zone: Can't find your answer in the SPLC's Legal Guides? Try these other online reference sources for answers to your research needs about journalism, education, media law and civil rights.

Other Resources: Links to state, regional and national organizations from the fields of law, journalism and education whose work complements the mission of the Student Press Law Center.