Expungement orders overturned, Pa. newspapers won't be required to remove content

PENNSYLVANIA -- Two Centre County judges have overturned expungement orders directed at The Daily Collegian at Pennsylvania State University and The Centre Daily Times that would require them to remove online content from their archives.

This morning, Judge Thomas King Kistler removed the two newspapers from orders directing them to delete archived stories of county defendants formerly convicted of criminal charges, according to Patty Hartranft, interim general manager of The Daily Collegian. Kistler signed two of the five original orders. Judge Bradley P. Lunsford had signed the other three orders, but vacated the provisions including the newspapers on Tuesday.

"This was a needless case," Bob Heisse, executive editor of the CDT, said. "It was an attorney who just took it upon his office to change these things and put them past judges. It became a First Amendment case, and it should never have been that."

Heisse said that more than 40 other expungement orders requiring The Daily Collegian and the CDT to delete online content were submitted to the courts by the same law office. Judges say they are on the lookout for these orders so the appropriate revisions can be made.

"I want to thank the people around the country who have supported this effort," Heisse said. "There has been a lot of support for this, and that is very refreshing."

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