1,300 newspapers stolen from racks at Univ. of Central Ark.

Adviser thinks editorial critical of SGA president led to theft

ARKANSAS -- Echoes could be heard -- but not read -- throughout the University of Central Arkansas's empty news racks Sept. 17 when 1,300 copies of The Echo, the student newspaper, were stolen. David Keith, Echo adviser, said another faculty member told him around midday that some papers were missing. After noticing other bins paperless, Keith sent e-mails to the Echo staff to be alert to the problem. Later that day, the staff did a survey of campus looking for the missing papers. They found that primarily academic buildings in the central part of campus were missing papers."Everyone noticed the papers were missing around 10 a.m.," said Aprille Hanson, The Echo's editor in chief. Hanson was notified at a weekly 3 p.m. editorial meeting about the missing papers. They estimated that 1,300 papers were missing, costing the paper $200.Along with the distribution manager, Hanson went to campus police to file a report around 9 p.m.

While the investigation continues, Keith believes the stolen issues may have something to do with an editorial that was critical of the Student Government Association's president.

"That would be the only controversy in that issue," he said.According to The Echo, it costs $700 to $900 to print the paper. They print around 5,500 copies weekly."It shows an extreme lack of maturity,"

said Hanson. "We are going to report the facts. If you have a disagreement, handle it by submitting a letter to the editor, not by theft."Keith said the paper would pursue legal action against whoever stole the papers. No suspect has been named yet.This is not the first time The Echo was stolen. The newspaper experienced a mass theft several years ago. The stolen issue carried an article about an Echo staffer stealing thousands of dollars from the paper, though no one was ever charged or prosecuted in connection with the theft.

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