Hosty v. Carter:

Appeals court will set future

The devastating effects of the U.S. Supreme Court's 1988 Hazelwood decision restricting the First Amendment rights of high school journalists just keep coming. A case before a federal appeals court could determine whether public college officials can require prior approval and censorship of student media.


\nThe case, Hosty v. Carter, pits former student editors at Governors State University in Illinois against state officials who seek to persuade the court that the college students' First Amendment rights are no greater than those of teenagers in high school. (See ON EDGE, page 4).


\nDespite the fact the decision in this case will affect college students in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin involved in many activities (including student government), few seem to be aware of it. Some even think that administrative censorship is not be such a bad thing.


\nCredit goes to the college editors, reporters and advisers who have made it their mission to inform others about the Hosty case and the dangers it poses.

reports, Winter 2002-03