Magazine acquitted of libel claim at Tufts

MASSACHUSETTS -- Libel charges, stolen magazines and sexual harassment claims plagued The Primary Source over the course of the last year. But the conservative magazine at Tufts University in Medford has overcome all those obstacles and is now ready to file some complaints of its own.


\n After several days of hearings in April, the university acquitted The Primary Source of all charges of libel made by Iris Halpern, then a senior, who claimed the magazine had libeled her through a letter to the editor. Last fall Halpern filed a sexual harassment complaint against the magazine stemming from a cartoon featuring her.


\n Editor emeritus Sam Dangremond said the magazine now plans to file campus disciplinary charges against Carl Jackson, former president of the Pan-African Alliance. The Source believes Jackson is responsible for at least one of the four thefts the magazine had between October and January. The Source was unable to file a complaint in the spring because he was studying abroad. He will be back in the fall.

Fall 2002, reports