Independent paper sues campus daily

LOUISIANA -- The Tiger Weekly, an independent student newspaper at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, sued the campus newspaper in state court in July, claiming the school's financial support of The Reveille created unfair competition for readers.


\n Tiger Weekly publisher Wayne Lewis said The Reveille is supposed to be used as a learning tool for the journalism program, but not as a tool to stop competition. The Tiger Weekly prints on Wednesdays, and recently added a Monday edition. Lewis claims The Reveille, which prints Tuesday through Friday, is planning a Monday edition, specifically to compete. He also said The Reveille is able to charge significantly lower advertising rates because about 30 percent of its budget comes from student fees. The lower rates make the market tougher for any competing news outlets, Lewis said.


\n Reveille adviser Howard Areceneaux and university spokesman Gene Sands declined comment on the lawsuit.

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