Principal punishes honor students for 'hurtful' paper

PENNSYLVANIA -- Several students were suspended in March for distributing an underground newspaper that administrators said contained "hurtful" comments about other students at the school.

Council Rock High School principal David Yates suspended the honor students after they created and distributed copies of The Laundromat Liberator, which attacked three students in particular with "hurtful, embarrassing and slanderous" comments, Yates told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Yates would not specify how many students were suspended or for how long. He also would not mention the names of any students involved. He said, however, that the suspensions ranged from one to 10 days.

The issue of The Laundromat Liberator that led to the students' suspensions was the first edition of the underground paper. It was partially distributed before Yates confiscated all the copies he could find and suspended the students.

reports, Spring 2001