Director denies reporters access to crime logs

Official says responsibility for compilation of records 'just fell through the cracks'

PENNSYLVANIA -- The security director at a Pittsburgh college refused to give police logs and incident reports to a student newspaper in September because no such documents existed.   Candy Gola, news editor for The Globe, the student newspaper at Point Park College, said the new security director for the school wrote a memo to his guards forbidding them from letting any student or public media gain access to the police logs or incident reports without his knowledge or prior approval.   According to Gola, Jim Dyer, the security director, told The Globe that if it wanted the information, it would have to formally request the logs by letter. Gola said the newspaper staff wrote several letters requesting copies of the log, but there was no response from Dyer or his staff.

"Our goal is not to cause trouble or try to make some point, but we want to be taken seriously," Gola said. "I just don

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