State bills open up athletic associations

Georgia after the state passed a bill requiring those organizations to comply with state open-records laws, and the same thing may happen in Pennsylvania if the state's House of Representatives approves a bill passed by the Senate in June.

Georgia's HB 1308, signed by Gov. Roy Barnes on April 29, includes a provision that the Georgia High School Association must for the first time open its meetings and records to the public.

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association will also be subject to state open-records and open-meetings laws if the state's legislature approves a bill mandating more accountability for the organization.

SB 1403 was approved by the Senate on June 12 with a 43-6 vote to ensure more openness from the association, which represents and regulates 1,300 Pennsylvania schools.

The association had been under investigation by a Senate Special Committee on Interscholastic Sports, which included as the first of 19 recommendations a requirement that the PIAA comply with the state's Sunshine Act. The bill was before the House Education Committee in August.

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