\nA story on page 4 of the Fall 1999 SPLC Report, "Testing\nfor Compliance," incorrectly stated that in 1998 Congress\namended the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known\nas the Buckley Amendment, so that certain student disciplinary\nproceedings involving crimes of violence and nonforcible sex offenses\nare no longer considered "education records." In fact,\nthe 1998 amendment did not change the definition of education\nrecords, but instead said that schools can release the outcomes\nof such disciplinary proceedings without notifying a disciplined\nstudent in advance.

In the same story, we reported that a Georgetown University\nbooklet on campus safety included crime statistics for the 1997-98\nschool year. In fact, the statistics provided were for the 1998\ncalendar year.

reports, Winter 1999-2000