Latino students steal 3,000 campus newspapers to protest front-page photo

Cal State at Sacramento group calls for apology, change in editorial policy

CALIFORNIA - Members of the Latino community at California State University at Sacramento protested a front page photo in the university's student newspaper by stealing 3,000 copies of the Oct. 6 issue and blocking the entrance to the newspaper office.

In two consecutive days, campus students removed copies of the State Hornetfrom designated bins in reaction to a photo the newspaper ran of a Hispanic man under arrest for resisting arrest twice at a Sept. 18 football game. The photo ran with an article highlighting the violence that occurred at the game, including the death of a 21-year-old man who succumbed to injuries he received while trying to break up a fight in the stadium's parking lot.

The State Hornetreceived a bomb threat on Oct. 8, although no bomb was found. According to Horneteditor David Summers, Latino students asked the newspaper to print a front page retraction and apology, publish a list of minority staff members and change its editorial policy to prohibit the publication of anything depicting minorities in a negative light.

Summers said the newspaper will not yield to any of the students' demands.

"We ran the story in the terms that the bigger picture here is that violence is to the point that somebody died at a campus event," Summers said. "Something better needs to be done."    

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