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Since 1974, the Student Press Law Center has been devoted to educating high school and college journalists about the rights and responsibilities embodied in the First Amendment, and supporting the student news media in covering important issues free from censorship. The Center provides free information and educational materials for student journalists and their teachers on a wide variety of legal topics.

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Media Contacts

Frank LoMonte, executive director
(703) 807-1904, ext. 121

Adam Goldstein, attorney advocate
(703) 807-1904, ext. 122

Press Releases

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC joins open-government leaders urging Congress to hold hearings on FERPA reform

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC joins coalition urging New York to overturn criminal penalties for online bullying

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC joins UGA’s Grady College in recognizing outstanding student watchdog journalism

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC urges Supreme Court to overturn ruling erecting hurdles to First Amendment legal challenges

  • PRESS RELEASE: Rate colleges' quality by measuring transparency, SPLC tells U.S. Department of Education

  • PRESS RELEASE: Georgia school’s refusal to release video needed for student death investigation named “FERPA Fib of the Year”

  • PRESS RELEASE: College press freedom award recognizes Alabama journalists’ “sorority discrimination” coverage

  • PRESS RELEASE: Free-speech groups warn California school district to rescind unlawful social-media restrictions

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC urges FCC to consider leniency from indecency fines for student broadcast operations

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC appoints new slate of board leaders

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center diversifies board with four new appointees

  • PRESS RELEASE: High school students, teachers report student media censorship

  • PRESS RELEASE: Open-Government Advocates Support Illinois Newspaper’s Appeal Seeking Records of Investigation of College Coaches

  • PRESS RELEASE: Federal Appeals Court Urged to Strike Down Virginia’s Discriminatory Alcohol Advertising Restrictions

  • PRESS RELEASE: Kentucky Student Editors, Tennessee Adviser Recognized for Journalistic Courage

  • PRESS RELEASE: Memphis Journalists Recognized for Overcoming Censorship, Harassment

  • PRESS RELEASE: Society of Professional Journalists honors SPLC’s Mike Hiestand with First Amendment Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Calls for FERPA Reform After ‘Outlandish’ Court Ruling Shielding Iowa Rape Records

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Responds to Ruling in University of Minnesota “Facebook Discipline” Case

  • PRESS RELEASE: Protect Students’ Rights to Use Online Media To Expose Wrongdoing, SPLC Tells Appeals Court

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Urges Federal Appeals Court to Protect Nevada Students’ Right to Protest School Dress Codes

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center Welcomes Washington’s Susan Enfield to its Board of Directors

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Urges Protection for Student Rights in Delaware 'Cyberbullying' Policy

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Urges Appeals Court to Vacate Ruling Applying Hazelwood to College Student Speech

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Urges S.C. Supreme Court to Overturn Ruling Threatening Constitutionality of FOI Law

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Joins Free Speech Groups Opposing Arizona School Book Confiscation

  • PRESS RELEASE: Journalism Veterans Stapp and Stencel Named to SPLC’s Board of Directors

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC, Scholastic Journalism Groups Support Washington Students in Privacy Suit

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC, Holland & Knight Offer Journalist Helpline for Students Arrested Covering “Occupy”

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC, CBI Ask Supreme Court to Void 'Vague' FCC Broadcast Indecency Regulations

  • PRESS RELEASE: Free-Speech Groups Defend Minn. College Student Punished for Jokes on Facebook

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Condemns Arrests of Georgia College Journalists

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC’s Mike Hiestand Accepts Louis Ingelhart First Amendment Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: Colorado Student Editors Win 'Courage' Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: Award Recognizes Calif. Editors' Bravery

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Urges Appeals Court to Uphold Free Speech Ruling in Breast-Cancer Bracelet Case

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC’s Dick Goehler Receives Prestigious Society of Professional Journalists' ''Fellow'' Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Urges “Common Sense” Ruling in University of Illinois Open-Records Dispute

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center Condemns 'Destructive' Appeals-Court Ruling Denying N.Y. Students’ First Amendment Claims

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Elects New Officers and Members to Board of Directors

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Statement on Today's Decision in Doninger v. Niehoff

  • PRESS RELEASE: America’s Leading Journalism, Free-Speech Groups Urge Student-Rights Focus for World Press Freedom Day 2011

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Supports Georgia Student Activist in Legal Challenge to College Expulsion

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Defends Iowa’s Student Free Expression Law in State Supreme Court Brief

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC pays tribute to Dick Goehler, longtime friend of the student media and SPLC Board Chairman

  • PRESS RELEASE: Goehler, Stodder Assume Leadership of SPLC Board

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Joins College Journalists' Appeal of OSU Newsrack Ban

  • PRESS RELEASE: Wyoming Students Win College Media Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: Courage in Student Journalism Awards Announced

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Joins Media Groups Asking Supreme Court To Protect Youth First Amendment Rights in Video Gaming Case

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC Launches Redesigned Website

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC, Journalism Groups Urge Appeals Court to Overturn High School Censorship Case

  • PRESS RELEASE: High School Journalism Community Rallies Behind Missouri Students On

  • PRESS RELEASE: First Amendment Groups Seek Reconsideration of Confusing Ruling Allowing School Discipline of Online Speech

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC, FIRE ask LACC Board of Trustees to investigate treatment of student newspaper

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC urges court to dismiss subpoena requesting Northwestern student journalists' records

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student journalists sue Wisconsin college officials over spurious 'privacy' claims

  • PRESS RELEASE: Courage in Student Journalism Awards announced

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC mourns passage of Jack Nelson, award-winning journalist and author

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC attorney hits milestone of public service

  • PRESS RELEASE: Wisconsin college editor honored for open-records advocacy

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC's Mike Hiestand selected for NSPA's 'Pioneer Award'

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC files brief in Doninger online speech case

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC hails progress toward reforming FERPA excesses

  • PRESS RELEASE: Appeals Court Urged to Uphold Ban on Discriminatory Alcohol Advertising Regulations

  • PRESS RELEASE: First Amendment Groups Oppose Expansion of School Authority Into Students' Off-Campus Publishing

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center Welcomes Virginia Edwards as Chair; Patrick Carome and Mike Godwin to Board of Directors

  • PRESS RELEASE: New Education Privacy Rules Threaten Public Accountability

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center Urges Caution in N.J. Campus Speech Regulation

  • PRESS RELEASE: New Text Provides Legal Resource on Student Journalism

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center Hails California’s New Journalism Teacher Protection Act

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center welcomes journalist Reginald Stuart to board of directors

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC supports free-speech rights of student suspended for MySpace page

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC urges Education Department to reconsider proposed FERPA rules

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC responds to article questioning 2007 College Press Freedom Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: Winners of 2007 Courage in Student Journalism awards announced

  • PRESS RELEASE: Grambling State editor receives College Press Freedom Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center names new executive director

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC mourns passing of former board member

  • PRESS RELEASE: A Message from the Board of Directors of the Student Press Law Center

  • PRESS RELEASE: Silencing student voices hurts education, democracy

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC argues for protection of off-campus student speech

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC responds to Seattle Times editorial on Washington student free press bill

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPJ, Student Press Law Center partner to support Grambling State journalism students

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC advises journalists covering weekend anti-war protests

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC announces successful completion of endowment campaign

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC names internship after student press freedom advocate

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center, Newseum, National Scholastic Press Association name Courage in Student Journalism Award winners

  • PRESS RELEASE: New Jersey college student newspaper receives College Press Freedom Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: Print your newspaper and support the SPLC

  • PRESS RELEASE: JS Printing teams up with SPLC

  • PRESS RELEASE: New classroom presentations provide instruction on press freedom and media law topics for student journalists

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC files brief in California censorship case

  • PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Court announces it will not hear appeal in college censorship case

  • PRESS RELEASE: Groups urge federal appeals court to reject university's removal of veteran Kansas State student newspaper adviser

  • PRESS RELEASE: Center launches new First Amendment quiz

  • PRESS RELEASE: Newseum, Student Press Law Center & National Scholastic Press Association Announce Winners of 2005 Courage in Student Journalism Awards

  • PRESS RELEASE: Media groups urge high court to hear college censorship case

  • PRESS RELEASE: Illinois State University first to formally designate student paper as public forum

  • PRESS RELEASE: Students, advisers and professional journalists asked to press colleges on press freedom

  • PRESS RELEASE: Appeals court invites havoc says Student Press Law Center

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center condemns Kansas State ruling

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center argues for end to criminal libel prosecutions

  • PRESS RELEASE: Student Press Law Center urges reversal of Texas textbook censorship case

  • SPLC PRESS RELEASE: Ohio high school student editors that fought censorship receive press freedom award

  • PRESS RELEASE: Hampton U. Script to receive College Press Freedom Award

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC received record number of calls from student journalists, advisers in 2003

  • PRESS RELEASE: SPLC condemns Kansas State's 'bizarre' interpretation of First Amendment

  • PRESS RELEASE: Statement of Student Press Law Center Executive Director Mark Goodman Regarding Lane v. Simon and Student Press Censorship at Kansas State University

  • PRESS RELEASE: College journalism groups urge Court to protect political speech in student newspapers

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