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The Student Press Law Center is an advocate for student First Amendment rights, for freedom of online speech, and for open government on campus. The SPLC provides information, training and legal assistance at no charge to student journalists and the educators who work with them.

Press Freedom & Censorship

Americans have never been more reliant on students to bring them the day's news. We make sure students can fearlessly share ideas and information free from retaliation.

School Transparency

We're shining a spotlight in the dark crevices of campuses where financial mismanagement and safety hazards hide. Citizen engagement starts with open, accountable government.

Civic Participation

Students want a say in education policy, and policymakers need to hear their unique perspective. We help young people use their voices to advocate for social change.

Online Citizenship

The SPLC advocates for sensible, non-punitive responses to online incivility, with curriculum based on the skills, ethics and values of journalism instead of expulsions and arrests.

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Open Record Letter Generator

Submitting an open records request is easy with our fully automated, fill-in-the-blanks state open records law letter generator.

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Alumni of the Matador student paper have filed a complaint over newspaper adviser’s replacements

The California high school newspaper adviser has been indefinitely replaced by two English teachers who lack journalism experience while the district continues its investigation. 

Responding to the haters

Heightened with the prevalence of online commenting, student journalists frequently receive pushback from their own work. Often, the adversaries are their own peers.

As Education Secretary Arne Duncan prepares to step down, a look back at his views on FERPA

In light of Arne Duncan's announced resignation, here are four times the Education Secretary spoke out about FERPA.

Texas school district is not backing down from asking students to sign over the copyright to their work

The Texas school district that has asked students in the yearbook class to sign a work-for-hire agreement maintains the policy's legality, despite widespread skepticism. 

Virginia FOIA exemptions maintain tight grip on university records

Virginia public records law exempts the disclosure of university presidents' working notes or correspondence, which has raised questions in light of the Rolling Stones article's aftermath. Some public access advocates are trying to remove those exemptions from the law.

Court will not grant an injunction to Iowa student journalists suing administrators for retaliation

The judge wrote that the student journalists did not show enough evidence of retaliation or intimidation to proceed with a preliminary injunction against the college. 

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Guide to student press freedom at public colleges

State and federal courts have decided over 60 cases in the last two decades directly involving censorship of the college and university student press.

Access to college and university athletic program information

As college athletics become an ever-bigger enterprise at many schools, the student media has an ever-growing obligation to monitor their programs. The following guide should provide you with valuable tools for obtaining the information you need to do your job.

Avoiding plagiarism in the student media

This guide explores the definitions of plagiarism and has guidelines on how to avoid it. 

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